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St.John's wort P.E.

Cortex Phellodendri Extract

Danshen Root P.E.

Brief Description: Dilatating coronary artery; Increasing coronary flow.

Angelica P.E.

Brief Description: Circulating blood;Regularing menstruation; Laxative.

Tomato extract

Brief Description: Improving immunity; Anti aging effects .

Senna Leaf P.E.

Brief Description: Removing heat dampness;Laxative; Removing water diuresis.

Liquorice Root P.E.

Brief Description: Clearing away heat and toxic material; Expelling phlegm and arresting coughing.

Olive Leaf P.E.

Rhubarb Extract

Brief Description: Antibacterial and enhanced immune function; Inhibition of protein synthesis resistant.

Barbury Wolfberry fruit P.E.

Brief Description: Nourishing kidney;Improving eyeslight.

Soybean Extract

Brief Description: Protecting liver; Anti tumor; Lowering blood lipids; Lowering blood sugar.

Kelp P.E.

Brief Description: Prevention and treatment of endemic goiter;Lowering blood Cholesterol.

Lotus Leaf P.E.

Brief Description: Removing heat dampness; Sending up the lucid yang; Cooling blood and hemostasis.

Black Rice Extract

Brief Description: Eliminating free radical;Treating iron deficiency anemia;Curing body weakness

Black Cohosh P.E.

Brief Description: Antibacterial, antihypertensive, inhibition of cardiac, slow heart rate, sedation

Red Clover extract

Brief Description: Antitumor

Rhodiola Rosea P.E.

Magnolia officinalis P.E.

Brief Description: Anti-bacterial;Calm nerve center; Relaxing muscle;Anti-ulcer.


Brief Description: Increasing coronal-vein blood flux;Treating erectile dysfunction,

Puerarin P.E.

Fructus Gardeniae P.E.

Brief Description: Reducing fever and causing diuresis; Removing Pattogenic heat from the blood and toxic material fro

White Willow Bark P.E.

Brief Description: Dispelling wind;Eliminating dampness;Antisepsis;Rrelieving analgesia

Densefruit Pittany Root-bark Extract

Brief Description: Removing heat dampness; Relieve internal heat or fever.

White Kidney Bean Extract

Brief Description: Lossing weight; Strengtening spleen and kidney;

Broccoli Extract

Brief Description: Antioxidant;Anticancer

American Ginseng Root Extract

Shiitake mushroom P.E

Brief Description: Immunomodulatory activity;Antiinflammatory ;Antitumor

Motherwort Herb P.E.

Brief Description: To treat amenorrhea , dysmenorrhea and obstructed menstruation due to blood stasis, postpartum abdom

Garlic Extract

Brief Description: Anti bacterial; Reducing inflammation.

Blueberry P.E

Brief Description: Antixidant

Astragalus P.E.

Brief Description: Enhance immunity;Enhance energy;Resist fatigue;Antimutation

Fructus aurantii extract

Brief Description: Treating bloating, indigestion


Brief Description: Antibacterial;Antiviral;Antioxidant

Angelica Extract

Radix isatidis P.E

Malaytea Scurfpea Fruit Extract

Brief Description: Warming kidney and activating yang ; Tonifying kidney and holding Qi; Diarrhoea cure.

Andrographis herb Extract

Brief Description: Clearing away heat and toxic material ; Subsidence of a swelling .

Tribulus Terrestris P.E.

Siberian Gingseng P.E.

Epimedium P.E.

Brief Description: Invigorative; Tonic; Anti-rheumatism;Anticancer.

Spine Date Seed P.E.

Polydatin P.E.

Fructus Hippophae P.E.

Brief Description: Enhanced immune function;Improve the cardiovascular system;Antitumor

Wild Yam P.E.

Brief Description: Relieving intestinal colic; Soothing diverticulitis; Ease dysmenorrhoea and ovarian and uterine pa

Hawthorn P.E.

Brief Description: Lowering blood pressure;Lowering blood fat

Cnidium Monnieri P.E.

Brief Description: Warming kidney to invigorate yang; Eliminating dampness;Dispel the wind; Insect disinfestation.

Ginger P.E.

Pomegranate hull P.E.

Brief Description: Antidarrhea with astringent; stopping bleeding; Expelling worms.

Common Phellinus Fungus P.E.

Brief Description: Anticancer

Pine Bark P.E.

Brief Description: Antioxidants

Ginseng P.E.

Brief Description: Prolonging life;Enhancing resistance.

Garcinia Combogia P.E.

Brief Description: Weight-loss effect

Marigold P.E.

Brief Description: Protect eyesight;Antioxidant effect;Reducing the formation of lipid peroxide

Horsetail Extract

Brief Description: Helps to repair bone fractures and the formation of collagen

Galla Chinensis P.E.

Brief Description: Anticancer;Antioxidant;Sedative effects

Schisandra Berries P.E.

Brief Description: Nourishing kidney;Stimulating saliva; Sedative Ning heart.

Passion Flower P.E.

Brief Description: Anti-anxiety ;Treatment of insomnia

Citrus Aurantium P.E.

Alfalfa Extrat

Brief Description: Lowering blood pressure;Lowering cholesterol;Water diuresis

Milk Thistel P.E.

Fructus Forsythiae P.E.

Brief Description: Anti-microbial;Anti-inflammatory;Clearing heat and detoxication.

Baical Skullcap Root P.E.

Gotu Kola P.E.

Brief Description: Antioxidant;Antiaging

Curcumin P.E.

Brief Description: Analgesic ;Anti-oxidation;Anti-inflammatory ;Immunomodulatory

Gynostemma P.E.

Brief Description: Anti-cancer;Anti-aging effects.

HoneySuchle Flowers Extract

Brief Description: Anti-bacterial effect; Increasing immunity.

Saw Palmetto P.E.

Lighiyellow Sophora Root P.E.

Mulberry leaf P.E.(Morus Alba Leaf P.E.)

Brief Description: Antispasmodic effect;Antiinflammatory effects;

Buck wheat extract

Brief Description: Reducing blood sugar;Adjusting blood cholesterol;Antioxidant

Echinacea Herb P.E.

Brief Description: Antivirus;Antifungal;Antitumour;Antiinflammatory

Reishi Mushroom P.E.

Brief Description: Enhance immunity;Increase energy

Momordica Fruit P.E.

Green tea P.E.

Brief Description: Lowering blood pressure ;Anti coagulin; Lowering blood fat;lossing weight.

PubescentHolly Root

Brief Description: Removing heat dampness; Relieve internal heat or fever; Promoting coronary circulation.

Loquat Leaf P.E.

Brief Description: Sedation;Antiinflammatory; Anti-bacterial effect.

Hops Flower P.E.

Brief Description: Hormonal effects;help to stimulate appetite, dispel flatulence, and relieve intestinal cramps.

Apple fruit extract Polyphenols

Brief Description: Antioxidant.Anticancer;Antianaphylaxis

Huperzia Serrate P.E.

Brief Description: Antiinflammatory

Bitter Melon P.E.

Brief Description: Anti-virus; Anti-diabetic

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