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Brief Description: Anti-cancer

Product Details

Structural Formula:

Assay Method:HPLC
Herb Sourse:Trifolium Pratense L. and Ononis spinosa
Molecular Weight & Molecular Formula:C16H12O4 ;268.26
Melting Point & Solubility:mp 265~266℃,Soluble in methanol, ethyl acetate, ethyl ether, dilute alkali solution, insoluble in water
Brief:White fine powder
Pharmacology:Anti-cancer effects, can prevent breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer. Estrogen can increase the weight of the uterus in mice and other animals, but the effect is less than similar isoflavone genistein (genistein), daidzein. This product is a weak estrogen effect. In addition, the Triton WR-1339 induced hyperlipidemia in male albino rats with lipid-lowering effect. clinically used as a diuretic.

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Shaanxi Huike Botanical Development Co., Ltd.,  founded in Oct.2000, is a technological export-oriented private enterprise with the Rights of Self-Managed Import and Export, specializing in active ingredients modernized and industrialization research, development, production, and sales of natural medical botany. The company mainly produces and sells high-purity monomers with botanical functional ingredients and standard extractives, 

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