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Brief Description: Antibacterial;Antiinflammatory;Antioxidant;Lowing blood pressure

Product Details

Structural  Formula:

Assay Method:HPLC
Herb Sourse:Paeonia moutan Sim. Pycnostelma paniculatum K. Schum
Molecular Weight & Molecular Formula: C9H10O3;166.18
Melting Point & Solubility:mp 49 ℃ -51 ℃, the special smell, taste mild, soluble in ethanol and methanol, soluble in ether, acetone, benzene, chloroform and carbon disulfide, the slightly soluble in water, soluble in hot water, insoluble in cold water can be volatile with water vapor.
Brief:Shiny white or slightly yellow needle-shaped crystals
Pharmacology:With sedative, hypnotic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, lower blood pressure and so on, in Japan are concerned, can inhibit cell paeonol O2-radical production, the skin whitening, the deposition of pigment in the skin to restore faded, Consumer deposition of plaque, inflammation, swelling and pain, anti-allergic, anti-virus and so on. On the stain, muscle pain, skin itching, psoriasis, shingles HSV, eczema treatment and has good health effects, in addition, in toothpaste, gargle, tooth powder, water has a good effect toothache.

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Shaanxi Huike Botanical Development Co., Ltd.,  founded in Oct.2000, is a technological export-oriented private enterprise with the Rights of Self-Managed Import and Export, specializing in active ingredients modernized and industrialization research, development, production, and sales of natural medical botany. The company mainly produces and sells high-purity monomers with botanical functional ingredients and standard extractives, 

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